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  • Carlson, R. W.
  • Carlson, Eric
  • Herrero, Stephen
  • Gustafson, Scott
  • Oliver, Lawrence
  • Bullas, Will
  • Christensen, James C.
  • Bastin, Marjolein
  • Millette, Rosemary
  • Phillips, William S.
  • Smith, Daniel
  • Weistling, Morgan
  • Aprile, Alessio
  • Bierstadt, Albert
  • Carlson, Judy
  • Craig, Philip
  • Doolittle, Bev
  • Harmenszoon van Rijn, Rembrandt
  • Hokusai, Katsushika
  • Homer, Winslow
  • Klee, Paul
  • Larson, Judy
  • Lynch, Brent
  • Mallett, Keith
  • Renoir, Pierre-Auguste
  • Roko, Ken
  • Saeta, Leslie
  • Sargent, John Singer
  • Schmidt, Jane
  • Sieve, Michael
  • Swindle, Liz Lemon
  • Venter, Tandi
  • Whistler, James
  • Aldrich, John
  • Anquetin, Louis
  • Aparicio, Edward
  • Bartom, Rose Maynard
  • Brenders, Carl
  • Cummings, Chris
  • Daniel, Kevin
  • Degas, Edgar
  • Docken, Russ
  • Dukes, Madeline
  • Erickson, Mary
  • Frederick, Rod
  • Gris, Juan
  • Hanks, Steve
  • Harunobu, Suzuki
  • Hashiguchi, Goyo
  • Heighton, Brent
  • Henderson, Jan
  • Hiroshige, Utagawa
  • Hristova, Albena
  • Klimt, Gustav
  • Kosak, Craig
  • Liang, Z. S.
  • Lyman, Stephen
  • Maass, David A.
  • Malevich, Kazimir
  • Manet, Edouard
  • Marini, Marino
  • McCarthy, Frank C
  • Modigliani, Amedeo
  • Monet, Claude
  • Moulton, Jo
  • Novak, Shirley
  • Peltzer, Greg
  • Shouping, Yun
  • Situ, Milan
  • Smith, Tucker
  • Utamaro, Kitagawa
  • Van Gogh, Vincent
  • Vassileva, Silvia
  • Weiss, John
  • Achenbach, Oswald
  • Ancher, Michael
  • Arrieta, Jose Agustin
  • Bacci, Leonardo
  • Beecham, Greg
  • Bellows, George
  • Blackshear, Thomas
  • Blossom, Christopher
  • Bonaventura, Jennifer
  • Bonnie, Karen
  • Buxton, John
  • Combes, Guy
  • Constable, John
  • Coronato, Bob
  • Corrado, Italo
  • David, Jacques-Louis
  • Davis, Joan Elan
  • Demers, Don
  • Denman, Andrew
  • Ferris, Keith
  • Frazier, Luke
  • Friedrich, Caspar David
  • Golovin, Aleksandr Jakovlevic
  • Holland, Kiff
  • Kodera, Craig
  • Landry, Paul
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  • Traditional


    Art that focuses on cultural subjects, which remain popular through the decades

    Art Reproductions on Canvas or Paper


    • A Special Bond

      A Special Bond

      A Special Bond Jan Henderson Jan Henderson, and award winning artist, works in oils, acrylics, and colored pencils. Quote by Jan: Each medium has its best application. You just can't get the softness of fur with oil or acrylic that can be achieved...

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    • Alpine Morning

      Alpine Morning

      Alpine Morning Bighorn Sheep Rosemary Millette Quote by Rosemary: I enjoy the encounters I’ve had with Bighorns in the wild but for some reason I’ve rarely painted them, so this portrait was long overdue. Rosemary Millette’s subjects...

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    • Annapolis Garden

      Annapolis Garden

      Annapolis Garden Philip Craig You can sit and relax, and enjoy this beautiful scene from any room in your home. In an office it will give you a pleasant break from work. What Philip says about his paintings — A painting should bring you...

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    • Autumn Majesty

      Autumn Majesty

      Autumn Majesty Kevin Daniel Kevin’s wildlife art depicts realism and nature’s beauty with the subjects in his portraits. Kevin says: With my love and passion for nature, I wanted to focus on the realism of wildlife art, bringing to...

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    • Bald Eagle

      Bald Eagle

      Bald Eagle Russ Docken A magnificent bald eagle soars above mountains rushing for shelter before the oncoming storm. A quote by Russ to his children: It is important to find something in life you are passionate about and then find a way to make a...

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    • Birch  Trees

      Birch Trees

      Birch Trees Brent Heighton A mix of winter and fall. Whites, reds and yellows will brighten any room you choose. Brent Heighton’s watercolors, oils and acrylics have won many awards, and are found in corporate and private collections in more...

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    • Blanket Dance

      Blanket Dance

      Blanket Dance  Brent Lynch Dance with a flare. Hang this in any room to give it a flare. A great accent piece. Brent is a Canadian artist known for his figurative and landscape works.

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    • Buffalo Portrait

      Buffalo Portrait

      Buffalo Porrtrait Russ Docken A magnificent portrait of a buffalo to adorn your rec room, den, or entertainment room. A quote by Russ to his children: It is important to find something in life you are passionate about and then find a way to make a...

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    • Butterfly Dance

      Butterfly Dance

      Butterfly Dance John Aldrich  Retriever puppy, fascinated with a butterfly, will put a smile on anybody’s face. Great choice for a child’s room. John Aldrich creates an interesting play of light and shadow in his paintings. John is a...

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    • Costal Ride Costal Drive

      Coastal Ride

      Costal Ride Coastal Drive Brent Lynch By car or by motorcycle, either one is a great way to see "the coast." Choose one or both prints to hang in an entertainment room. Brent is a Canadian artist known for his figurative and landscape works...

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    • Courtyard - Alsace

      Courtyard - Alsace

      Courtyard - Alsace Philip Craig This art captures the essence of a small Italian village, secluded, quiet and restful. Philip's talent for light can give the viewer a sense of time of day or create a sense of timelessness. Acrylic finished, framed...

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    • Distant Thunder Distant Thunder, framed

      Distant Thunder

      Distant ThunderRosemary Millette Quote by Rosemary: The open prairies of the southern Black Hills provided the setting for these mature bulls who go their separate ways from the herd during the summer months. Rosemary Millette’s subjects come from...

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