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The Best Painter in Venice

Posted by J.M Carlson on Oct 19th 2019



Flight into Egypt (far right) is one of the paintings on display. 

The State Gallery in Stuttgart has titled their new show “The Best Painter in Venice.” The exhibit will feature 120 works by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. It will mark the 150th anniversary of the Italian artist’s death who was prolific in the 18th century. Others may disagree that Tiepolo is "the best," but the Stuttgart Gallery took this bold step forward.

Paintings, drawings, etching and caricature sketches will be on  display. Pieces have been loaned from the Academia in Venice, the Louvre in Paris, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest.

The exhibit displays Tiepolo’s mythological and historical paintings, and his religious sketches. These pieces highlight his storytelling skills, his visual language, that made him a sought-after artist.                                                                                                                        

Admission is $13.24  and an illustrated catalog is available for $32.99

The exhibit runs from October 11, 2019 to February 2, 2020     

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