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Renowned Aviation Artist Reproductions Available

Renowned Aviation Artist Reproductions Available

Jun 2nd 2019

William S. Phillips

Pictured Above: Thunder in the Canyon: Available for $750.00

Bill Phillips grew up loving art but never thought he could make it his livelihood. He majored in criminology and was accepted into law school. By chance, four of his paintings were sold at an airport restaurant. That was all the incentive he needed, and he began his work as a fine art painter.

Phillips is a renowned aviation artist and a popular landscape artist for many collectors. Bill's strengths as a landscape painter, and his respect and reverence for time and place, help him when painting aviation as well as classic landscapes.

In 1986, the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum presented a one-man show of Phillips’ work. He is one of only a few artists to have been so honored.

In 1988, Phillips was chosen to be a U.S. Navy combat artist, and was awarded the Navy’s Meritorious Public Service Award and the Air Force Sergeants Association’s Americanism Medal for his outstanding work.

Bill’s work has been included in the Top 100 each year at the annual fund raiser for the National Park Service. His work has also won the Art History Award twice.

Bill Phillips’ major collection of aviation art, Into the Sunlit Splendor, was published by The Greenwich Workshop Press in 2005.